Luk Luk Queen @ Lido Market

It is not easy to be a food blogger in KK as we have to take the risk of being scold by people. Just to bring out more idea of place to eat in KK to our viewers, tonight, again we went out for food hunting. Knowing that we will, for sure, being scold by the boss, we still try our best to shoot some nice photos and share with our blog's viewers.

This Luk Luk Queen used to be at Lintas but now have relocated to Lido Market, just right outside of Milimewa. Although they don't quite like the idea of promoting their stall in our blog and scolded us for taking their photos, we know that a lot of people are searching for this stall after it gone missing in Lintas. Hence, we insisted on blogging about their stall. No doubt, their food are really good too...

Selection of Luk Luk (price vary from the colour of the stick)
You have to pick your own selection and pass it to the boss
You have a choice to boil of fried it
There have sweet sauce, chilli sauce, extra hot chilli sauce and satay sauce for you to choose (their sauces are really good, at least our efforts is not wasted)
The boss will help you cook the food, so it's quite hygienic
All the food are place nicely in plastic bag which look clean
After your food is cook, you have to pick it up yourself
Their opening hours are not fixed, you will see this mobile hawker if you are lucky.

Food: 4/5
Service: 2/5
Cleanliness: 3/5


Anonymous said…
Thanks for blogging about this, even though u kena marah... been searching for this mobile luk luk for ages.. the one in Lintas now can't compare to this... waaa will go try this out one of these day... do u know that whether they open everyday?

Angeline said…
I'm not so sure about their operating hours. U know, its seems like they open their stall when they like it...anyway, their sauces is really nice, so, is worth a try to drive-thru and check whether they open.
Anonymous said…
Hey... there's a new luk luk trak in lintas called luk luk prince, where this trak used to be.. i think its even better than this trak, as the food is so fresh and clean!! their sweet sause is so yummy!!! u should give it a try one of these days ;)

Monica said…
Ok,thanks for the info.

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